Well, I finally found out where I’m moving and what I’m doing.  My new co-teacher called me and we have an appointment to meet today. Talking on the phone with her, she seems like a cool lady. Very energetic. I’m hopeful. I’ll also see my new apartment on Monday. I will have to move. I had been hoping that I could stay in my old apartment, but that is not to be. However I’m pretty happy so far.  — wow! I’ve accumulated a rather large amount of stuff.

Also I got 3 out of 4 grades back – 1 A and 2 B’s I’m still not sure about the grade for Literacy….. however I’ve decided that I’m cool with having to re-do the class if I have to.

I’m thinking of getting a new blog just for my bike riding. I will just have to remember to bring my camera along more often.



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