Well, it has been a long time

I’ve been thinking about this blog for a while. It is like an old friend you haven’t e-mailed or called in a while, and every time you don’t call or write it seems more difficult to get to it.

I am finished with the epic mistake of taking 4 classes at once. I did pretty good on three classes (but I’ve emotionally and intellectually made peace with the fact that I will probably have to re-take the Literacy class. It makes me sad, but I’m still standing.. barely.)

I am also thinking of re-taking linguistics. I really enjoyed the class, but right now I couldn’t tell you what I learned. I think the recommendation of only two classes a semester has some merit.   I’ve never run into my wall, I’ve always been the one who does a bit too much, but then I like being busy so it is a good thing.

With that, I will say that I’m taking two new classes, and a class on rock climbing (even though I’m a little more than a little  fat, and I’m old and out of shape) – and I’m back on my bike, with a new plan for a long term bike ride.

I’ve decided to take it a bit easy this semester, because I’m going to be starting something new. Elementary school. eeek.  The little ones scare me a bit, and I’m just now starting to look at lesson plans and materials for them. I’ve decided to have fun, and to get in touch with my inner child.  (since I’m really a 12 year old in a 46 year old body, it shouldn’t be too hard)

And that is me, and I’m going to try to get back, and be a better blog hostess or whatever we are called.



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