Where I try to explain why I haven’t written in a while

And make even more excuses why I probably won’t write for a while.

Today it rained. Again. It has been bringing me down, and I usually love rain.  Today I finished my dental stuff, so yay, and I went to get my health check (surprisingly painless).

The past couple of weeks I have signed my new contract, gotten things ready for summer camp, did a post-card swap with 4 other schools and I’m patiently waiting for their cards (although I did get two from England so far) , finished 1/2 a sweater,  balled up a ton of yarn a friend gave me when she left, finished dog sitting for another friend, and met a friend of a friend and showed  her around a bit of Seoul.  I have also registered for classes at University of North Dakota’s ELL program, ran into a glitch on ordering the books, and didn’t do much of the homework for the online speed reading course.

Next week I will have to order my books, finish my sweater, re-pot some plants, write the speech for Toast-masters.

It could be worse, but I had hoped July would be a mellow month before school starts, but I don’t think that is going to happen


2 Responses to Where I try to explain why I haven’t written in a while

  1. Jimmy says:

    I came across your blog today on the Korean blog list. It looks great!

    My wife and I have a K-blog called strange-lands.com and we’re looking to add decent blogs to our links page.

    Would you be interested in a link exchange?

    All the best

  2. Alex says:

    Hi! I’m intensely looking into enrolling in the University of North Dakota ELL program. How has it been? I’m looking for a review from someone who’s taken the plunge into the program. Specifically, how heavy is the courseload? Is it difficult to teach and do the online program at the same time? I’m currently in the states, but I’d like to return to Korea to teach as well as study towards a master’s degree. Please e-mail me back if you have the time.



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