Where I try to explain why I haven’t written in a while

July 11, 2011

And make even more excuses why I probably won’t write for a while.

Today it rained. Again. It has been bringing me down, and I usually love rain.  Today I finished my dental stuff, so yay, and I went to get my health check (surprisingly painless).

The past couple of weeks I have signed my new contract, gotten things ready for summer camp, did a post-card swap with 4 other schools and I’m patiently waiting for their cards (although I did get two from England so far) , finished 1/2 a sweater,  balled up a ton of yarn a friend gave me when she left, finished dog sitting for another friend, and met a friend of a friend and showed  her around a bit of Seoul.  I have also registered for classes at University of North Dakota’s ELL program, ran into a glitch on ordering the books, and didn’t do much of the homework for the online speed reading course.

Next week I will have to order my books, finish my sweater, re-pot some plants, write the speech for Toast-masters.

It could be worse, but I had hoped July would be a mellow month before school starts, but I don’t think that is going to happen