Myeondong ho

Korea is crowded. Seoul is very crowded. Myeongdong is super very crowded. It is also where you can get just about anything, including the very famous Myeongdong noodles. Since the line is always winding around the block, we decided not to go there. However we did walk around seeing the sights. Myeongdong is noisy, crowded and has more sparkle stuff than you can shake a stick at.  There is everything here and everyone is there, the crowds close in but on some streets they thin out a bit. We were even able to find a nice street with outdoor cafes and small restaurants and a fountain, though the street was a bit off  Myeongdong proper. I must admit, I’m not a big fan of Myeongdong. Yes it is something you have to experience, but I find it a little too crowded. But this Saturday I found a nice fountain and a quiet street with a cool street cafe, so I”m pretty happy.

You can always meet interesting characters:



Eat interesting food:


and of course sparkles:


If it doesn’t sparkle, it has to be cute or colorful:



And when it all gets overwhelming, go get some coffee:



I like the idea of Myeongdong much more than I like the reality. The crowds, smells, and noise gets to me sometimes. But it is a great place to pick up scarves, belts, sparkly things, dresses, socks (although I didn’t find the ones with Obama on them – I think you have to got to Ewha or Hongdae to get people on your feet) food, singing rooms, and with the street vendors and high-end shops it is a bit of old and new Korea.

Raymond –  I promise more food soon.




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