The Adventures of Benjamin Skyhammer A review

The Adventures of Benjamin Skyhammer is a delightful little YA adventure, science fiction story.  I had the pleasure and honor of being one of the first readers.  One of the things I loved about this book was Nicole Sheldrake’s ability to build a believable world. As you read along, each country and each place is real, even if quite fantastic.  The story opens with an Indiana Jones-ish relic hunter, but quickly evolves to a magical realm where the world is not safe and nothing is what it seems.

Many science fiction and adventure stories have plausible worlds, but the world here is one I would want to visit again, and again.  World building is not easy, and making  a magical place is even more difficult.  Yet I felt that this world was a real place.

It is an easy read, but not a simple story. There is mystery, and the plot does thicken quite often,  and lots and lots of adventure.  I also liked the characters.  Higgins is of course my favorite, but there were quite a few, some that only showed up briefly, that were memorable and compelling and much more complex than the average young adult novel characters.

I want to go into detail, but then I would probably spoil it for you.

Go to Amazon   or smashwords  or go to the author’s website and read some of her great short stories as well.

Congratulations Nicole, it was a great story.


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