Well, I WANT to go back to school… honest.

I’m applying to graduate school. It is very stressful. VERY.  The school I want is University of North Dakota, because although it is online, it is the same course as if I were on campus. And I think the ELL program is very good. So I sent everything out, only to find out that I need the transcripts to a community college course I forgot about. (It was only one class, and I transferred the credit, oh, a long time ago) So I faxed the community college and asked them to both mail and fax my transcripts to University of North Dakota. Fast forward one week later, and I get an e-mail that my application is still incomplete. I knew that because I’ve developed a mild case of obsessive compulsive disorder and have been checking the application every day.  (yes, I know it is 3 am on a Sunday there, but maybe they will have something new!)  So I called the community college, and they said they faxed and mailed the transcripts on Wed. last week.  I am stressed.

So I signed up for a speed reading class from http://www.ed2go.com/ in the hopes that it will help me when I start and keep me from being quite so obsessed.  It is all online, and you do have to pay, and it probably won’t count on my professional portfolio, but if it helps me when I go back to school, that would make it all worth it.  I’ll let everyone know how it turns out.

Meanwhile I’ve gone online and found some cool educational links to occupy my  time as I wait.

http://www.openculture.com/freeonlinecourses has what sound like some great courses.  I am really interested in Introduction to Nonviolence and Philosophy for beginners.  But first I will have to finish the Harvard lectures on Justice with Michael Sandel: http://www.justiceharvard.org/  and a friend introduced me to http://www.khanacademy.org/  so I should be able to stay busy this summer before I start back to school.

I really hope that I can start grad school in fall, but if I can’t I have a plan B.  I will take the CELTA course, and work on making my application as awesome as possible, and save some more money and maybe even apply to a school in New Zealand or Australia. (except Australia has mutant zombie spiders– I’m not sure I want to share an island with mutant zombie spiders– http://www.termite.com.au/spider-identification.html



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