Because Dinosaurs really are kind of cool

I woke up way too early for a Saturday morning. It was drizzly and kind of sad. But I wanted to get out of Seoul for the weekend and a good friend had planned a trip to Goseong to see the dinosaur footprint museum.  It was a 4  hour bus trip, and we would have left around 9 am, except for the unfortunate fact that there weren’t any buses until 4:30.  So we re-convened and discussed our options. We were already at Nambu terminal, at 9 am with a lot of time to kill.  So we started walking and went exploring the Ganam area. It was almost cold and overcast and the area was a bit more quiet than it usually is in the afternoons and evenings, but it was still kind of cool to look around. I usually just go to my knitting group and then leave, so it was nice to see what was there. We stopped for lunch in a nice little Japanese place and ate outside, enjoying the air and watching the people passing by.

We got back to the bus terminal with plenty of time, and tried valiantly to stay awake for the ride. The scenery outside the window was pretty fantastic. The mountains were seriously over-verdanting themselves.  Even in Seoul itself, Korea is very lush in spring and summer.  The trip was the full 4 hours, and we slept through half of it, so when we arrived at 8:30 it was too late to take the one hour bus to the dinosaur museum area. So we walked around the cute little town, got a nice room and walked around some more to get dinner. We ate a little place that had a pork and kimchi dish that was quite tasty.  We went to bed early and got up to take the 8 am bus to the museum.

To be honest, I didn’t have very high expectations.  The museum was built because on the rocky coast paleontologists found footprints of several dinosaurs. And my friend really loves dinosaurs, and why not?  So we get off the bus, and an old guy makes sure we get to the entrance. At the entrance we try to find out when the buses going back would be, and a very kind couple helped us out and suggested we go to Samchun po instead.  So armed with that info and a ticket, we proceeded to the entrance. Right away a woman came up to us with English brochures, and although her English was a bit spotty, her enthusiasm for helping us more than made up for it.

The museum itself is quite small, but the displays were awesomely excellent. There were a lot of signs for no pictures that everyone else ignored, and I found out later that my illegal pictures were quite legal, because they just didn’t want you to use flash.  Anyway. We moved through the museum and enjoyed the displays and then took a quick detour to the movie experience.  In 3D no less.  And it was really cool. The story was cute, and the special effects were surprisingly well done.  They had an interactive area and then we walked out to a dinosaur garden, with lots of well done dinosaur sculptures and a Triceratops that was made to climb, but there were pretty graphic warnings against it. Everyone did obey this one.

After walking through the dinosaur garden, we went to the beach walk.  It wasn’t really a beach but there were some rocky areas that could be walked on, and a wooden walkway around the water and close to the cliffs.  Along the way were some signs about what kinds of rocks and when we finally got to the footprints they were quite visible. We were a bit worried because the website said they sometimes were covered in water.

After walking the wooden path there was a small beach area, but it had a no swimming sign, and it really was a bit cool for a dip.  We then made our way to the bus stop, but after a while we realized that this bus stop may not be the right one, because no buses were coming. So we decided to walk up to the entrance where the adventure all started, but half way there, we saw a cute little restaurant. The people were very friendly, and we were told to wait a bit and the bus to Samchun po would be there shortly. It was, and we almost missed it, because it didn’t stop  for long, but we made it, made it to the terminal, and made it back to Seoul, with enough time to get home by bus and subway.

A truly awesome adventure. Except the sunburn. I could have done without the sunburn.



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