So, I guess I’ll stay

Mondays are my busiest days anyway, but today was especially busy.  I’ve decided to renew my contract, so of course there is a small bit of paper work. I filled out the forms, and went to the police station to get a local criminal record check, which took all of 10 minutes and cost all of nothing. I guess I can’t complain. Now all I have to do is wait for my FBI record check and then figure out how I’m going to get it apostiled.  I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

I like living here, and I love the school I teach at.  Today I have  5 classes, and they are all awesome. I like Mondays because they are a great ‘test’ for my class activities. I have all three levels, so I’m able to figure out what I need to take away or add to each lesson plan. This week we are doing diamond poems.  The students really enjoy them, and I think they are starting to have fun with words.  The first and last line are one word (a noun) and they should be related. I had students who were able to relate Santa Clause and Lair today. I think what I like most about teaching is when students finally figure out that English is quite a playful language, and they start having fun with it.  They get this impish spark in their eyes, and say ” Teacher –  this ok?” and if it is close to ok, I’m going to let them go for it.  Being creative with language should be fun.

In the bad news department, I’m trying to get transcripts from a community college I went to for one measly little class. So far the fax number from their website doesn’t work and the e-mail I sent hasn’t been responded to. I’m a bit frustrated.  The school I really, really, really want to enroll in for my master’s is the University of North Dakota. They have what looks like a great ELL program, and it is both online and on campus. I like that. So the only thing they need at this time, is a transcript from Highland Community College. Sigh. I shall try to call them tonight, and it may help.

In yet other news, I’m not the only one who thinks living in Seoul is awesome. CNN does as well.



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