The circus is in town.

Last night I went to see Cirque du Soleil.  The performance was of Varekai,  It was amazing.  The costumes, the story, the props, the acts… it is still a bit of jumble in my mind, images superimposed upon other images. I should have taken notes, but I was too busy being wide-eyed and open-mouthed in wonder.

The story was of Icarus falling down in a jungle full of fantastic creatures.  He couldn’t touch any of them, but he did kind of fall in love with a sentient plant like woman.  Then the games began. I’ve always loved the aerial acrobatics, and the 4 girls on a single trapeze like thing were fantastic. There was one part, where two guys swung around over the audience on a bungee cord the held on to by their wrists and hands. Just watching it made me fear heights. Fortunately no one died. That I know.

I liked the comedy sketches, and the actors even spoke a little Korean for us. There was a chubby little girl who was amazing, who did a fantastic little comedy dance.  My friend loved the juggler, and he was fantastic. Fun fact: I can juggle. Ok, ok, only three balls for three minutes, but ….. I had dreams once of joining the circus.

Did I say the costumes were awe-inspiring? They were.  The use of color and pattern fit each performer and performance. Just having the performers parade with the costumes would have been worth the price of admission.  I think if Michel Park got a hold of a traditional circus the end result would be the Cirque du Soleil.  If you don’t know Michael Park, you are missing some seriously beautiful, dark and surreal paintings and etchings.

angel interrupted by artist michael parkes

The show reminded me of his paintings: Surreal, dark, erotic and beautiful.  I felt like a child full of wonder.

They wouldn’t let us take any photos, so I looked up some performances on YouTube. Unfortunately I couldn’t  embed any of the videos, and I must be a real tech-tard, because the links don’t work. Go look them up yourself, and really try to go to the show if you can, it is truly gorgeous.

Beauty is real


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