3 Things

Thing 1:  A bad thing:

Two weeks ago, I hurt my back. I’m not sure what I did, or how I did it, but my back was a fiery pit of hell attached to my body. That Monday I could barely walk, and I didn’t walk home, I actually took a taxi back.  The next day I felt a bit better, but not much. Teaching was torture.  Thursday I had enough, and called “mercy” – I went to a doctor near my school that my co-teachers recommended. One of the bonus great awesome things about working in a public school, is you have a large pool of potential experts in almost any project or problem.  Anyway I went to the doctor, he took an X-ray, and I learned that I wouldn’t actually die – I would wish I could for a few weeks, but real true death was not in the books. After an hour of physical therapy that included a weird feeling electrical device, I could walk. I didn’t have a bounce to my step yet, but I was able to approximate mobility. I was good. The doctor told me not to exercise or do too much. That was boring. So for the last two weeks, I’ve been going to work, going to the doctor, and going home and trying to find a place to be that was reasonably comfortable. I watched way more TV than I usually do.  I felt old and helpless and I didn’t like that at all. I do feel much better now, and yesterday I almost had a bounce in my step.  Next week I will get the bike dusted off and take it to the shop to have the gears oiled and the tires pumped. It should be nice.

Thing 2: A good thing

Friday was my birthday, and the students were on a field trip, so some of the other teachers that were in school with me took me out to lunch at Outback.  I don’t go there very often, even though it is fairly close to my house, but it was really nice, they sang ‘Happy Birthday”  in Korean, and we had a very good meal. When we came back to school, we found out that we could all leave early. A very good day. I celebrated Saturday with a production of the Vagina monologues. The show was awesome, sad and funny at the same time. A few of the vignettes had me in tears, and a few even had me laughing so hard I cried. It surprised me how many Koreans were participating, and I liked that they had 1/2 the vignettes in Korean with English subtitles and 1/2 the vignettes in English with Korean subtitles.  I talked about it with one of my co-teachers, and she surprised me by expressing interest in going next year, so I invited her next time. It is a good cause and a good show, so it was a good birthday.  I met a friend after for dinner and we had dakk galbi jim- a chicken stew with lots of vegetables and  rice noodles very delicious, if a little bit spicy.  I decided I liked the area a lot, and as it is in one of the subway stops that is a transfer to go home, I might start stopping by after whatever activity I went on.  (and, and, and, for my birthday, some of my students gave me chocolate and coffee. My two favorite things in the world.- I feel quite loved)

Thing 3:  Another good thing.

Old friends reconnected. I try to stay in touch with old friends, mostly because I like them.  I am always very grateful for all the technology that makes staying in touch easy.  Well, this week I got back in touch with two people I hadn’t talked to in a long time. One is from Seattle, and it was good to hear from him and realize he is indeed doing well.  One is from Deagu, and we worked together several years ago. I had sent a few e-mails and messages on the phone to her, but I didn’t realize she was in India at the time. She is back and called me, and we are going to try to meet up again.  I think of all the gifts I received for my birthday, hearing from these two old friends was the best. (although, I still love chocolate and coffee)



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