My evil plan is working

I work in a high school. Therefore I eat lunch in a high school cafeteria.  Most of the meals are as you would expect.  Last year, we actually had some pretty good food.  Then the top dietitian got married. Although I am happy for her, the food quality went way down.  Now, some of the lunches were very helpful to my resolution to ‘eat less’. (the ‘exercise more’ still needs work)  The lunch ajuma also made it easier to eat less by getting slightly grumpy if you went back for more.

So I hatched an evil plan.  I started saying to the lunch ajuma “thank you” and smiling broadly.  I made a point to say something to her everyday.  Soon she learned the English phrase “help yourself” and “enjoy your meal” – she also got a lot less grumpy if I went back for seconds.  And… although it is still high school cafeteria food, I’ve noticed that the food I pointed out as especially good, and the food I’ve gone back for, is offered slightly more often. (although the horrible kimchi wrapped fish that everyone else but me loves, is still offered distressingly often)

Bwaa haha haha”  she says as she rubs her hands together “my evil plan is working”.



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