Because Dinosaurs are cool

It started, like these things usually do, with a phone call.  A friend called and asked if I wanted to see some cool dinosaurs. I said, who doesn’t want to see dinosaurs?.  She said, lets go to the Seodaemun Natural History Museum (  I said, sounds cool.  So the adventure began.

First we met at a coffee shop in Sinchon, and took a bus, then went a teeny, tiny bit too far, got off, walked a bit, felt totally lost, asked a very nice policeman, got directions, walked some more, saw a really cool river walk , and then found a very cool building that housed… you guessed it…. dinosaurs!

Of course it was, like most things here, upon a fairly steep hill, but well worth the climb. For only 3,000 won you can see quite a few dinosaurs, a mammoth, an anatomically correct display of human ancestors, a very cool polar bear, some insects, and a very good film about the start of the solar system (even though the narration was in Korean, it was still pretty cool).  I didn’t go into the display about man and nature, mostly because after going home and eating lots of pot roast, chili, and homemade vegetable soup, I was feeling optimistic about the future and didn’t want to ruin it.  My friend said that the display does indeed make a case for the human race being kind of doomed.

And the star of the show:


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