She’s back!

I must admit, February was probably not the best choice for travel. But. With lunar New Year the first week and my vacation days, it seemed to work out perfectly, and I got my tickets before the price went up as well. It seemed like a good plan on paper.

Well. I arrived in Dallas right when one of the worst winter storms hit the south. Dallas really didn’t know how to deal with snow. At all. The airline canceled my flight to St. Lewis, Louis and it was just as well, because my aunt wouldn’t have been able to get there to pick me up. So I thought I’d get a bus to Corpus Cristi and see my sister and my maternal aunts.  The buses at the airport were not running, but there were a few taxis, so I got one to the Dallas greyhound station. What would normally take 20 minutes took 1 and a 1/2 hours.  People were slip sliding away on the road, and I was a bit stressed.  When I got to the station, the clerks informed me that there were no buses leaving Dallas. So I tried to walk to the Amtrak station, to take a train.  I slipped slided away on the sidewalks trying to walk the three blocks to the station. It was pretty harrowing, with the wind and the ice and the fact that nothing was cleared.  Dallas was a ghost town, with only a few cars out, and almost no people.  I crossed a street to get to one hotel near the train station, and called Amtrak and found out the train to San Antonio had already left. So I made a reservation for the next morning and got a room.

The next morning I went across the street to the station, and despite the short distance it was a bit of an adventure, since I didn’t have ice skates, and trying to carry my luggage while sliding across the street was a bit more interesting than I would have liked.  I got to the station only to find out that the train was delayed.  For 5 hours.  Finally I got to San Antonio.  San Antonio was the nearest station to Corpus Cristi, and my hope was to get a bus down there. I thought it would be far enough south, and it wouldn’t be a big problem.  Well.  The buses out of San Antonio weren’t running. They had an inch of snow, and of course, they had to close all the roads, including the interstate. This was the first time I’ve ever heard of an interstate closing. So I got a room, and tried to get a bus the next day. No dice.  San Antonio is a beautiful city, and the river walk would have been fun, if anything had been open. Osco drugstore was open, and two restaurants, but most of the stores were closed, and since it was very cold, I decided not to explore more.

3 days and two “What not to wear” marathons later, I called my sister and told her, I would not be coming to Corpus Cristi this time.  She was a bit upset, but in the end, since there were no buses out, and the train only went north, she forgave me.  So I took a train to St. Lewis, Louis and then to Springfield to see my paternal aunts and uncles.  5 days after I landed in the US, I finally got to see some family.  Chili was waiting for me.  I did do some other things beside eat, but really, most of my holiday was spent eating, doing puzzles, and talking.

I did do one exciting thing. I went to a hockey game. The St. Lewis Louis Blues vs. The Anaheim Ducks.   Of course we were rooting for the Blues. And. WE WON, 9-3.  It was an exciting game. I kind of like hockey. The game is fairly simple and easy to follow, but it is fast and has a lot going on.  ( I didn’t like the fights, but if the players, the refs, and the fans like it, who am I to judge)

I’m not sure what is going on here, but it was fun.

My cousin Raymond, who brought me to the hockey game, also created a monster.  He brought Yahtzee to my aunt’s house. We played quite often.  I also shopped, and ate, and caught up with everyone. We even baked zucchini bread for the teachers here.

It was good to see everyone, and I’m just sorry I didn’t see my sister or my other aunts. (and I’m very sorry I didn’t get to eat any gumbo, because all of my aunts, maternal and paternal, are very good cooks.- I’m not sure what happened to me- I’m an aunt now, and I think that should bring some kind of magical cooking ability, but sadly, no.)

And now I’m back, the first day of classes went well, and I’ve almost finished unpacking.

a picture of snow from my aunts porch for your enjoyment

* Yes I do feel like an idiot for misspelling St. Louis three times.


3 Responses to She’s back!

  1. Lydia says:

    One time was permissible, but three misspellings of St. Louis is not; you’re an English teacher. 😉

  2. Lydia says:

    From Missouri!!

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