3 Ds

That would be doctors, dentists, and dogs.

First the fun stuff. This past week I’ve been dog sitting for a friend that is in Thailand for her vacation. She will be there till the end of the week. The dog is kind of cute, a chewawawa . I know it isn’t spelled that way, but that’s the way I think of him. He is actually a pretty good dog. He only got into the yarn once, and when I said (not yelled, just said) no, he’s left it alone.  He did pee on the towel in my bathroom, but that is because he hadn’t found his little pads. Here in Korea, they have these little pads that you put on the floor for your small dogs. It is a good thing, because it has been far too cold to take the poor thing out much.  It also took him a few days to figure out how to be here. We’ve figured out some indoor games, and he seems to like sitting by my feet when I knit or write at the computer. He still misses his mama, but we’ve been getting along quite well. He doesn’t bark much and that is a blessing.  I will be happy when he goes home, but it is kind of nice to be greeted with a wagging tail when you come home.

My New Year’s resolution this year is to get healthy. So to start I went to the doctor’s for the breast/cervical cancer screenings (they are free here if you are over 40, and the national health service nags you to go get it. Seriously, they send reminders until you go.) So I went, and there are no problems. Whew! There is a small problem with my uterus, I have some growths that are benign, and unfortunately the only treatment is a hysterectomy. The doctor said I could wait until menopause, but it is bothersome, and I need to decide what I want to do about the situation. I really liked the doctor at the women’s health clinic here in Mang-u ro.  She  was kind and gentle, and she spoke English really well. She also did something that a lot of doctor’s don’t do in the States, she listened to me and assumed I was an intelligent adult when she answered.  I am also going on Monday to get a full screening, including heart tests and blood work.  The clinic in Itaewon offers a full spectrum STD test, for every STD known to man, and I when I went to their website, I was shocked to find so many. Of course if you are going to catch and STD, Itaewon is probably where you will get one. I love some of the bars and restaurants there, but it is the seedy part of town. I will be getting an EKG, and some blood tests, and a full health screening.

Which brings me to the dentist. I went to one in Nowon, and I was surprised at how gentle they were. I usually do not like to go to the dentist because I’ve had so many cavities and other problems. Which makes for a vicious circle. I don’t go until there is some pain or other scary problem, so when I do go, it is unpleasant to say the least. But this time, I had no cavities, and only a mild case of gum disease. I will be getting treatments for it, and so far they aren’t painful. I still don’t like the smell and sounds of the place, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had feared.

By the end of March, I should at least be fully informed of my health situation.

I’ve been so afraid to go to the doctor’s and the dentist’s. I feel so relieved now that I’m actually taking care of everything. Oh, god, I’m now a real grown up!


One Response to 3 Ds

  1. Simon says:

    Ha! Sorry, but that tiny picture, of the tiny dog, just made it seem so much tinier. HA!

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