On neglect

It has been a while, hasn’t it? I’d like to say I’ve been busy with daring do’s around the globe, but unfortunately that would not be true.

I am excited about going back to the States soon. Feb 1st I will fly out of Incheon, and won’t return till Feb 26. I am really looking forward to seeing family and old friends. I don’t really miss the U.S. much, at least not as much as I think I should. I can find cheese and peanut butter and hobby supplies and books and music here.  I even found some of the spices I was looking for, and although some things are more expensive, many things are cheaper so it all evens out.  Ok, the selection of TV shows isn’t so great, and both i-tunes and hulu won’t let me purchase anything ( which is kind of stupid if you ask me, I find  out about a lot of the shows/movies from the pirates on the street, but when I go to get it legally, they cite copyright infringement. Sigh, frustrating, but since I don’t LOVE TV it is ok) I like the mountains here, and the parks, I love the bicycle trails, and the fact that many drivers are amazingly good about slowing down and giving cyclists room (although they still are a bit more aggressive in most other areas compared to US drivers) I like the transportation system, and the fact that I can take a high-speed train to Pusan if I want to get away for a weekend. I love the coffee shops and areas like Insadong, Jongak, E-dae and Hongdae, and Gwanghwamun.  And most of all, I love my school and my students. I’m truly fortunate in my school.

So life here is pretty easy for me, I like Korea and Koreans, and some things here are better than what I could get back home. For example:

I just got back from the doctor’s and had to take some additional tests (I’m fine, but the cost was only 70 dollars total. The tests and the doctor’s consultation. I don’t think I could do that in the States. Next week I’ll go to the dentist, and for the most part, medical/dental care is better here than what I could afford back home.

But I do miss my friends back home.  Yes I use Skype and Facebook and messenger and e-mail, and it helps, but it isn’t really the same. I’m grateful for all the technology that lets me keep in touch with everyone, and it comforts me, but it is going to be awesome to see some friends- it has been three years for a few of them, and although I can see them on my computer, it isn’t the same as a real hug, and one of my friends has promised fried chicken. (not the KFC crap, but the real, southern pan-fried chicken. The kind you can’t buy anywhere, and my mouth is watering just thinking about it)

So right now life is good, if not particularly exciting.


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