Monday was the last day I taught many of my 1st year students. As I said, it is game week, and we had a good time.  Now the students are in Jeju Island, and I’m just in the office. I am knitting and reading.  I should be writing a post.

My students are going on to their 2nd year class.  I’m happy they are growing and moving on, but I’m sad.  I hope that I helped them, I hope that they feel my love for English and languages.  I hope they continue to study, but mostly I hope that English is fun for them.

I love teaching, I love my students, and the price you pay is that every year, you have a bittersweet goodbye.

In other news, things have been going very well lately.  I found a store that had things that fit and this is a very big deal, the knitting group I joined has some very cool people, (I was a bit nervous joining, but I’m glad I did) Christmas is around the corner and although I’m usually a humbug about the holidays, I feel pretty bright, and on Friday I will receive a certificate for being a “best teacher” – a pretty good end to the year.  All in all.



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