On old friends.

It is only 6 pm on a Sunday night and all I want to do is go to bed.  I think I’ll just take it easy and read a book, make some hot chocolate and snuggle in my jammies.

I don’t feel tired so much as that sleepy/satisfied and a little sad feeling that you get when you had a wonderful time, but now it is over.  Today I saw some old friends. When I lived in Incheon I met them fairly often, for lunch. Although I’m not in the “ladies who lunch” demographic, in this particular instance, I was.   Although all three are Korean, and about the same age, they are a diverse group. I loved our lunches and missed them very much.   But life goes on, and I moved to Seoul, two of the women started their own hagwons, and my friend started a small tutoring business from her home.  Now it is very hard to find the time to meet.  So today we finally met up

We went to one of their apartments, it is new so everyone had to ooh and ahh and then we had lunch, and we were going to walk to a lake near the apartment, but after the 3rd cup of coffee and much laughter we realized that we weren’t going to go.  It was so good to see them. They looked wonderful, and it felt as if time had stood still.  We are making plans to not let so much time get away from us.

I also met some new friends. I’ve been knitting lately as my new hobby, and no, I don’t have any photos right now. I should take some, but it might not happen so I won’t make the promise. Anyway, there is a knitting group that meets up on Saturday and Sunday. I went to the first one, and to be honest I was a bit nervous.  But everyone was so nice, and fun, and funny.  It was nice to talk about crafts and eat in Insadong. Insadong is still one of my favorite areas in Seoul.

It is good to have new people in your life, and even better to keep old friends.  Sometimes, life is good.

Now for the warm jammies and hot coco.



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