So not much is happening

We haven’t been bombed into next year, it is still cold, and my students are seriously stressed about their tests.

I am excited though. I’m going to Deagu to see an old friend,  and I realized that I haven’t seen her at all this year.

So I’m off on the KTX, and I still don’t know why America can’t have nice things like that. KTX is awesome.  I do love trains, and boats, and I am old enough to remember when flying was way cool and fun.

And that is the update for today.



One Response to So not much is happening

  1. Julia says:

    Hey Christine~ you are right, Emerica needs better public transportation instead of all these cars. I really, really, really miss the subways and buses. Are you having a good week? Have fun in Daegu. It’s raining right now and it’s making me feel depressed…. or maybe it’s my period.

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