What’s going on

Final exams are next week. My students are bit more than a little stressed. I’m a bit stressed as well because I have to make sure all the test material has been covered for my second year students.  Plus they have two ways of getting participation points. One is to volunteer to give a presentation in class. The other way is to talk to me for a few minutes in the teacher’s office.  Well.  They deadline for participation points is Friday.  And the students aren’t allowed in the teacher’s office because some of the teachers are still writing questions for the test. It is cold in the hallway, yet students are lining up just to talk to me. … I’ve decided that next semester I will move the deadline, at least the talking to me in the office part.

Actually I enjoy talking to my students. I let them choose the topic (actually they have to choose the topic) and yes, I do get to hear how handsome a particular musician or actor is, but I also get to hear about the books they are reading, their mother’s cooking, their thoughts on the news, and their thoughts on life. It always brightens my day.

Of course right now N.Korea is in the news, but to be honest, my friends back home seem more worried than most of the Koreans I know.  I did ask, but most of the people I talked to, a non scientific sample of co-teachers and friends,  believe it is just Kim Jong-un trying to prove he is strong enough to be the leader of the N.Korean military. To quote one of my students, “they are distressing, so they make us distressing” – ok the grammar isn’t perfect, but I think she has the idea right.  I’m not particularly worried. I promise to keep my eye on the news, but I think it will not be a big deal a week from now. (if I’m wrong you can say nah nah nah, told you so)

In other things that are going on, I got my ticket to Deagu for next Saturday, and the toy for my orphan. I thought I had a boy, but apparently I have a girl. So I’ve bought two toys. I’m going to turn both in, just in case someone doesn’t come through. Normally I’m a pretty bah humbug kind of gal when it comes to Christmas. I’m definitely grumpy and misanthropic. However, I did get invited to help make Christmas cool for some orphans, and why not?

I’ve also finished two, count them two, knitting projects. I could probably go a lot faster if a) I knew what the hell I was doing, and b) I didn’t make at least one  mistake that ensured an unraveling and re-cast on.  But hey it keeps me occupied and since I’ve finished the workbook, I now have to have something to do.

I’m sure I’ll find a new project soon enough



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  2. […] living in Korea, and read about Korean pop music (Life and All), tensions with North Korea (What’s Going On?), and daily life as a teacher (A Day in Life), among other […]

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