I turned my usb in to my head teacher, everything is out of my hands now. To be honest I’m both happy and sad. I’m happy that it is finally done, but to be honest, I think it could be improved. A lot. That might just be my perfectionism talking.  I actually volunteered for this project. It is all my own fault. I love my students, and they are very smart.  When taking a grammar test, they score pretty high. They are able to choose the right answer, but when it comes time to write a sentence… well let’s just say it isn’t their strength.  So I volunteered to write some worksheets. The worksheets turned into a workbook.  You know how that goes.  And it is now finished.

My poor plants are sadly neglected and are drooping. My apartment is a disaster zone. I have watered the plants, and I will do a through pruning. Later. I will not be cleaning the house tonight. I will sit and hope something good is on TV because I really don’t have any energy for much more.  I might get out my sadly neglected knitting. Might.  I plan to veg out as much as possible.

Tomorrow I have to turn in the questions for the final exam.  It never ends.  I will also be contacting grad schools.  It really never ends.

Until I actually do something interesting here are some pictures of things seen out and about.


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