She’s baaaaaaaaaaaaack

I think the reason I didn’t want to post, is that I didn’t want to post over my grandmother. I’m still sad.  I also know I was lucky to  have known her, and to have the time I did have with her.

So what has been going on since my last post? Not a whole lot.  The weather has turned cold, with a bright sun and a bite to the wind. The leaves are still mostly green because of the wet autumn, but it feels like fall now. I even got out my sweaters and fuzzy slippers. I like the cooler weather, it makes me happy.  I know I’m not in the majority here, but I still like the crispness to the air in late fall/winter.

So, my new hobby is knitting. I’ve gotten some great videos on youtube, and taught myself a few stitches. I even finished a scarf last night.  It has the imperfections the Native Americans say let in the spirit. (actually, I think it has enough imperfections to let in the entire spirit world) The students are also learning to knit, and their project is finger – less gloves, or wrist warmers. Guess what everyone here is getting for Christmas. Go on, guess.

The students are all doing very well, as a matter of fact the last lesson actually proved to be too easy, and they finished 5 minutes early. I was quite proud of them, for all the work they are doing.  My class is so different from the usual classes, because they can’t just sit there, they have to get up, get into groups and participate. This week we are going around the world.   For the basic class I put as many countries on the board as I can, and I was pleasantly surprised at how few hints I had to give. They did awesome. The worksheet has the countries, plus sights and activities. I like that the statue of liberty has been re-named the woman god of free.  It took me a while to figure that one out.  I am always surprised at the way my students think.  The class room gives me a lot of  joy.

Although the last few weeks have been sad, over-all I have many blessings, and I will endeavor to remember them.

I’ve decided that just as the duck-billed platypus proves the universe has a sense of humor, hot chocolate proves the universe loves us.



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