I don’t want to talk to anyone this weekend

No, I’m not sad. I’m not depressed. I’m not angry.  I just feel like I’ve been the energizer bunny for the past week.  I usually like to be around people, I usually don’t mind the crowds that much (although occasionally, I feel a bit claustrophobic on the subway).

So I’ve turned my phone off, and I’m not checking into facebook for chat, and I’m only going out for a bike ride if it doesn’t start to rain.

Yesterday I did the same thing. I rode my bike, and it was gorgeous until it started to rain. I got home just  in time for a fairly heavy downpour. (this rain is getting a bit out of hand. Just because I want to hole up a bit doesn’t mean I don’t want the sun to shine). I did some crochet, watched a movie T.V. resisted the lure of the computer, read a bit, and played with my new sewing machine.  I bought it two weeks ago, and picked it up last Saturday. And that is when the super busy but not super exciting week started.

Don’t get me wrong. I love meeting my friends on the weekend. I love my Korean class. I love meeting friends after class. I love shopping. I love meeting new people. But every night I came home more and more tired.  By Thursday I felt exhausted.  Each day I felt more tired and I couldn’t stop,  I had appointments and obligations, and I had squeezed people in, and it just felt like a bit of me was being lost.

Friday we started mid-term tests so Thursday at work all the students would mention how beautiful I looked, but I had to disappoint them; I’m not in charge of grading.  I only help to write one of the tests.  Friday to celebrate the foreign language teachers all went to lunch, out in the country.  It was very good, Korean beef and pork, excellent salad, and we were all too full for duck, so I got some from e-mart and had that on Saturday.  On the way back, my co-teacher and I got to see a cosmos festival. Cosmos has to be one of my favorite flowers.  I just felt bad I hadn’t brought my camera.  My co-teacher said “your eyes have to be your camera” – so I tried to memorize the fields of purple and orange flowers bobbing in the soft winds.

I do love Seoul. I love all the parks by the river, the small parks in most neighborhoods.  I love the mountains nearby even if everyone else and their mother, grandmother and a few cousins are climbing there too. I love how you can be walking along and find a festival, event, or interesting happening by chance.

But today, I’m not going to go out.  I’m going to get some rest, and re-charge my energizer. Because there is another climbing trip, and October is one of the most beautiful months in Korea.


One Response to I don’t want to talk to anyone this weekend

  1. Julia says:

    sometimes, we need time to ourselves, and nobody around.

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