Days go by

Sorry I haven’t written in a while.   Mostly it is this last week was incredibly boring. Sad but true.

It seems if you come to Korea you should be having an exciting adventure everyday. But. Usually, I wake up, go to school, work, have fun with my co-teachers and students, go home, study Korean or math, and meet friends. My life isn’t that much different from if I had stayed in the states.  Although I do feel I have many more opportunities for adventure than I did in the states, I think I shall forgive myself for not taking each and every one.

This week is Chuseok week, and I will try to have a good post on the holiday. I’m meeting one of my co-teachers for a bike ride, then I will spend the night at her house ( a mini slumber party if you will)


One Response to Days go by

  1. Julia says:

    don’t feel blue~ life in the states is the same. life in general is the same wherever you go i guess, just different cultures. ahhhhhh~ i heard the weather is finally decent. anywho ❤ happy chuseok !

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