Its a festival!

It is Friday. Most of the time, that would be enough to celebrate. But this Friday was even more special.  It was our school’s festival. The 1st and 2nd year students put on a variety of shows, games and events. I was quite proud of them. The teachers that supervise the clubs gave technical advice, but the students themselves wrote, directed, performed, and created everything.

The first event I went to was the F.O.M club’s movies. Now, the students did the script writing, the direction, the camera work, the titles, the music, and the performances.  The subjects ranged from being “wanta” or outcast, bullying in the schools, a very effective ghost story that even had a comedy section in the middle, and a story about teen pregnancy. Although the short film about teen pregnancy had the best production values, the ghost story was my favorite.

After the movie club, I went to the performance. (there was a play as well, but I didn’t get a chance to see it)– The first act was a choir and I was quite impressed, their voices were beautiful, and the harmonies were spot on. To be honest, I my expectations were not that high. This is a high school after all.  After the choir, a guitarist played, then a violin duet, and then a quartet, and then the choir came back and sang an A cappella version of “I love coffee”  A song guaranteed to warm the cockles of my cold black heart.

After the singers the dancers came on the stage. They did all their own choreography, according to the dance teacher. Most of it was definitely  inspired by music videos, but they were so cute and so energetic. I was pretty impressed. In between the dancers sets the flag drill team showed their stuff.

After the singers, dancers, and flag drill team, the students put on a fashion show. Because they are high school students, and are not from the richest area of Seoul, they decided to show off the many ways to wear their school uniform in a fashionable way. They were adorable.

The students also had an art showing. We have some very talented kids in our school. They also had games and food.  The students in the book club put on a great event. They had made up a bunch of games with books as the theme. One game was to pull out a word from a bucket, then find that word in a group of books in one minute or less. Another game was to hit a question about a classic book with a dart, then answer the question.  For the travel with books set, they had a bunch of pictures from travel books, and excerpts from them, and you had to guess where the pictures came from. I won, and was awarded a heart sticker and a now and later candy for my efforts. I am the book quiz champion.

This is  a club after my own true heart:

Here are some more photos from the festival


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