and the sun came out to play– finally.

This weekend I had plans to go to the Fringe festival in Hongdae. ( but on Saturday it rained. And rained. And rained some more.  So instead of going to Fringe on Saturday I decided to postpone till Sunday.  Saturday evening the rain had kind of stopped and some friends and I went down to Hongdae to at least get some dinner. We went to one of my favorite Indian restaurants, Yeti and ate some fantastic curry and watched some Bollywood movies on the wall.

When we left we were able to see some free music in the park. There was a blues band with a girl who did tap dance. She looked like she was having way to much fun to be working so hard. I couldn’t help but smile, her joy in movement was infectious. The band was pretty good too, with a bass solo that was better than many professional groups.

After listening for a while we wandered off to eat some crepes, and see if anything else was on.  Fortunately the crepes were awesome, unfortunately we didn’t find any more music.  We did enjoy wandering around the area, and found a couple of nice coffee shops before we wandered to the bus and subway stops to home.

So I was excited about the festival on Sunday.  The sun was shining, and after a fairly lazy morning I got out of the house and headed back to Hongdae.  I met up with a friend and we wandered back to the park, but the performances weren’t on yet. Apparently the Fringe Fest is an evening/night fest, and not an afternoon fest. The park had a free market, and lots of people selling their art and jewelry.  Most of the stuff was very creative and not the usual stuff you see on the streets and in the stores. Many of the sellers were artists and you could watch them making their crafts. So even though I didn’t get to see any more music this weekend, it was still a very interesting afternoon.

And I wasn’t even told off. As a matter of fact, I was invited to the Rendezvous. (along with everyone else on the street)


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