On saying good-bye

Almost all of the foreign teachers here are on one year contracts. Many of the people I came here with are not renewing their contracts so they will be leaving this week and next week for home or other adventures.

Some of the people I met in orientation became very good friends, some only bright spots in the periphery of my life.  My life is richer for having met them, and even though some I only saw a few times, I will treasure the memories I have of them.

This is one of the downsides to a life of travel and adventure. You meet some wonderful people, share wonderful times with them, and always, eventually, you have to let them go as you and they part ways on your own adventures elsewhere.

I have always been very good about staying in touch with most people. Facebook and e-mail has made it easier to stay in contact with people through time and space, no matter how many times they change their physical address.  Even knowing this though, it is sad to say good-bye.

I’m always a bit surprised when it is time to say good-bye, even though with everyone I meet, foreign or native, the good-bye is eventual. It is part of the price paid for this life, these adventures.

I pay it willingly, yet the sadness doesn’t abate.

I wish all those I will not see again for a long while a safe journey to their destination, much love, laughter and happiness wherever they may find themselves and I hope that we may meet again, to recount our tales of the trail.

Good-bye my new friends, and may you be counted as my old friends as the years go by.


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