Not very interesting, this weekend.

Well, first day of Camp was Friday, and I was a bit disappointed in the turnout. Not that I blame the kids, as I didn’t really want to come in on a Friday, after vacation.  I mentioned that Monday might be a better start next time, but then teacher’s really don’t have much power when it comes to scheduling.

This camp is going to be a bit rougher than last, just because there is a bigger gap in levels with the students. I think it just means a bit more prep, and making sure they have a bit more structure for each of the activities.  I don’t mind, but I had hoped to use the extra time for making up some writing worksheets for my 2nd year.  I guess 1/2 days are out of the question.

I like teaching camp, because it gives me a chance to really get to know my students. With 30-40 students a class and 4 classes a day, I sometimes don’t get a chance to really know all the students.  I hate to admit it.  Camp has only 17 or so students and I can talk to them a bit more.

This weekend is a lazy reading/puzzle weekend, so I’m probably not going out much.

I promise another grand-ish adventure next week.


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