Why I love Korea… now with photos.

Korea is a land of contradictions. It is grounded in history while thrusting towards the future.  I think that is what I love about Seoul, the tension between past and future and between east and west.

As much as I enjoy the modern and international parts of Korea, I also love the traditional.  I often go to E-mart and Home plus, but I also like shopping in many of the outdoor markets. One of the very cool things is that these markets are not just one farmer’s market in the downtown area, but they are near every single neighborhood.

Some of the scrumptious things you can buy are all kinds of fruit and vegetables, kimchi’s and snacks.

Of course you will find some things that aren’t so delicious.

Of course, my co-teacher would disagree. We met in Insadong on Sunday, with her whole family. Insadong is one of my favorite areas in Seoul (I have more than one)- its kind of touristy, but also it is where you can find a lot of traditional arts, several excellent tea houses and cool modernized traditional clothes. Some of it is even affordable.  While we were there, they had an exhibit of “living legends” – people who keep a lot of the traditional crafts alive.  It was very interesting.

After the exhibit we walked around some and found traditional candies, traditional crafts, and free hugs

But what is really cool, is just going out and about, you can find cool things like:

This is one of the many reasons I love Seoul,  you don’t have to search for adventure.


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