Friday, class fail.

I usually like to write about classes that go well. Part of it is my disgusting optimism.  Part of it, I don’t really like to admit when I suck as a teacher.

But. Friday’s summer camp lesson was a total failure.

I have 7 students. 9 students signed up for the camp, but 1 was way out of her league and she un-enrolled.  1 I haven’t seen yet.  I don’t know why she signed up, but since she never came I don’t feel too bad about her not being in class now.

So we have 7 students, and they have been awesome.  They have participated enthusiastically, and when I put up the mistakes on the mistakes were made board, I noticed that some of the more common mistakes were absent.  Yeah, I think they are pretty cool.

So Friday.  I wanted a special super fun awesome class.

I failed.

We started with a minute mystery. When I got to the solution, instead of the Ah, and laughter I usually get, I got Uh? and blank faces. I knew I was off my game.

The theme for the day was BANK ROBBERS!!! – I found a game online that had you plan and execute a bank heist.  So I took a bunch of elements from the game, and made our own heist elements that the students should put together.

To warm them up, I had the song, “Don’t nobody move, this is a heist” by Tony Powers.  I explained heist, but they really didn’t get the song or the video.

So we moved on.

I showed some clips and previews of movies like Heat, Ocean’s twelve, and Point Break.  They hadn’t seen those movies or any of the other movies I mentioned.

I moved on.

I gave them a blue print of the bank, and some characters they could be.  I gave them cards for the equipment they would need.  And put them together to plan their heist.

They didn’t get it.  I tried to help them, and they tried to do it.  But.  It was a failure.

I moved on.

At the end of every  class, we are watching “Castle” – I downloaded the show and I’ve been transcribing the dialog for the students, and we go over the vocabulary and then watch a short clip.

This was no problem, but when the short clip was finished I still had 15 minutes of class.  With not much prepared, and a downhearted and bored class.

They wanted to watch 10 more minutes of the show, and usually I wouldn’t just watch tv or movies, but I made an exception for this class.

The last 5 minutes I apologized, and promised a good class on Monday.

They did forgive me.  And I want to make it very clear, these are really hard-working students. Their level is low intermediate, but they are motivated and in general awesome.  Monday through Thursday we had a lot of fun, and they worked hard at all the tasks I’ve given them so far.  They love the game Clue, and they are really good at speaking up in class.  The failure on Friday was all mine.

On the plus side, a friend had her birthday party, and despite getting lost twice to her house,  we had an awesome time playing Apples to Apples.  It cheered me up.

So happy birthday Julia!


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