Summer Camp– It’s murder!

In a really fun way.

Summer Camp is actually not a camp;  it is more like a small class. But since it is summer, I don’t have a co-teacher, and it is summer! I think having a bit of fun is in order.

So far, my students have been awesome.  The minute mysteries, that used to take 15 minutes, now take 5, so I have to look up more and more. Their appetite is voracious.  I think I may have created monsters.  ( but in a really fun way)  It is easy to forget just how smart our students are.  A lot of time, they have a hard time expressing themselves  in English, plus they are one of 40 students.  It makes it easy to think that there are many things they can’t do.  But that is not true.  Once they have the tools, they create some pretty cool stuff.

We’ve been starting with the minute mysteries, and then we usually play a game.  They really like the information gaps. So far I have been murdered twice.  (in a really fun way) and today we played Clue.  The only thing that I changed from the real game, is that you don’t have to be in a room to make an accusation.  Mostly because the game board would be too small for the class, and I want the students to practice the sentence structure.  ( it was___ in the____ with the___)  So we were only supposed to play it once, but I am a bit of a softie, and let them play it twice.

I’m trying to find songs that have the murder theme, and they loved, loved,loved Julie Brown’s “The Homecoming Queen Has a Gun”  So 80’s and so cheesy, but they thought it was awesome.  I did too.  Tomorrow I’m going for “Don’t Nobody Move, This is a Heist” by Tony Powers.  I don’t know what I’m going to do for next week. I guess I’ll be looking around YouTube for the weekend.  I like YouTube.

In other news, I think the immigration website could use a translator. I’m trying to make a reservation for next week so that I can renew my visa.  I had a hard time, because most everything in the website was in Korean, so I kept having to redo everything.  I finally quit, and I’ll try to re-do it tomorrow.  But.  Sigh, sometimes I think every government in every country takes perverse delight in making life difficult.   I want to get everything done, the visa renewal, the health check (it isn’t usually required, but SMOE wants it.)  the Korean class re-registration, this next week.  Because I will (woot woot woot) have 7 days off, and for 5 of them I’m going to try to cycle to Pusan.  I don’t think I’ll make it all the way there, but from Friday morning early, to Wednesday afternoon late, I plan on following the west coast road, and whether I make it to Pusan or not, I plan on having a pretty epic adventure.

and for your 80’s cheesy enjoyment


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