bits and pieces

Its been a pretty busy but nice week.

My students will have final exams next week – so to get the 10 points they need for their class, the students either need to volunteer to give presentations or talk to me in the teacher’s lounge.  They have to do either 10 times before finals.  Many of the students already have their 10 points, but of course, this being high school, many students have not.  It has been very interesting – the rule is that they can talk about anything they want, but they are the ones who have to bring up the topic.  I’m really getting to know my students a lot.  I’m thinking of trying to get the same system for the 1st year classes (but the logistics may be a problem)

I feel I am now a real part of  my school. The teachers asked me to be part of the world cup betting pool. They like me, they really like me.

I finally enrolled in Korean classes – and figured out how to get there by bicycle. I only got lost twice. Pretty good if you ask me. (keep in mind I have no sense of direction and most signs although in English, are pretty hard to figure out)

I saw a play with the school’s dance teacher and my co-teacher.  I was surprised at how much of the plot I could figure out, even though the whole production was in Korean.  I was a bit saddened to realize the character that seemed most “my style” turned out to be the murderer.  I hope that doesn’t say anything about me.

Postings are going to be a bit light for the next week – I am finishing up a work book for next year’s classes.  I’m excited to do the project, but it is due at the end of finals. I will not be doing much else next week.


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