On not going up

I tend to be outgoing, and I really like doing new things. Ok, sometimes I get homebody-ish and I like my private alone time. But I love to try new things.  This part of me is often at war with the part of me that is quite frankly a major coward.

So after I signed up for a rock climbing clinic, I thought to myself- why???  Then because it is outside, I kinda sorta hoped for rain.  But of course it was a beautiful day.  So I set off for Daechi area, near Coex mall.  It is an artificial wall for climbing. Unfortunately (or fortunately) because I don’t finish school until 4, I didn’t get there until almost 5:30. By the time I got there, the clinic had already started and although everyone was friendly, the instructor didn’t have enough experienced people at the time to take a break and show me how to get geared up. So I waited and watched other people climb the wall.   I was saved!

I’ve decided that if they do hold the clinic next week I’ll go. I’m foolish that way. Perhaps I’ll be able to gear up this time.  I watched some of the others — and guess what, the well muscled young guy, didn’t go very high– the kind of chubby guy, got all the way to the top of the medium high wall.  I think I won’t feel too foolish next week.


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