Today was a wonderful day.  I should probably feel a bit guilty for staying home on a Saturday night, but I had a full day of FLOWERS- and so I’m tired.

The day started early, in Hapjeong. We met up and then went to Itaewon. Itaewon was semi-productive, I did get some calling cards and did go to a travel agent about flights home.  I will renew my contract at my school, so I will get two weeks to go home. I am a bit excited about the prospect, to be honest.

We then walked to the next subway stop, Hangangjin- The walk was quite pleasant. I usually stay in the Itaewon area, and I was quite happy to see where the Leem art museum was even if we weren’t going to go in.  At Hangangjin, we went to a foreign supermarket, and then we were off to the flower city.

Flower city is near Yangjae station. Near is the operative word.  It was quite a trek, although a very pleasant one.  There were lots and lots of trees, a good thing because today was quite warm.  We decided that the US really needed more city parks and more green spaces in the cities.

The Flower City and there is a big sign that said “Flower City” wasn’t huge, but it was beautiful.  My friend didn’t find the sun-lamp she desperately wanted for her dying tomato plants, but I found some great small pots, a few small flower plants, and a wonderful time amidst beautiful flowers:

A beautiful fountain:


More flowers:Even more flowers:

A fountain I want:

Here are some more pictures for your enjoyment:

And here are the flowers I snagged:

Once the indoor garden is complete I promise to give pictures of it as well.

And because everyone needs to see a cactus with a fuzzy hat:

There is something about spending a day among flowers that is most relaxing.


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