And life goes on

I am agnostic about Itaewon.  A lot of foreigners like it there because it is the foreigner district. But I’ve found a lot of non-Korean food in many other districts – and I love the Ehwa, Sincheon, and Hongdae area and Gwangwhamun area. But. Today I lucked out in Itaewon. I went to meet a friend for dinner and I found a map.  I know, not very exciting to YOU, but  to me it was because this map had the streets and the subway stops.  This is important because I had a street map of Seoul, and a subway map of Seoul, but no real way to put the two together to plan my bike trips.  Google has  a bike trip planner – or so they say – but either it doesn’t work well, or my tech-tard tendencies interfere with a good plan.  Now that I have this map, I can eschew the subway and bike to where I want to go.  Well, maybe not everywhere, but enough places to make it worth while.  I am so excited. I am going to plan out a trip for tomorrow evening. Woot.

And now for bad news. I’m still smoking. I feel like hell about it. I tried the patch. I got a rash (and I’m usually not allergic to anything) I tried the anti-depressant (a friend said that she quit smoking without even wanting to) I now listen to self hypnosis cds. Two of them. In the book  a man apparently quit by listening to the tapes being made. He didn’t even want to quit.  I have a book on Yoga exercises. I thought that would help me to relax. In the book, the author says don’t worry. Most of the people who do yoga quit smoking without even trying.  Every time I hear this I want to cry.  I know they are selling their program but it is so frustrating.  How do people quit? I know I’m not weak.  When I turned 40 I cycled (as in bicycle, the kind you pedal, not the kind that makes a lot of noise) from Suzhou, China to Singapore.  It took me six months and I went through Hong-Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Malaysia. When I was 28 I had to return to Missouri broken-hearted and flat broke.  (It is a long story, but the gist of it is that I met a Japanese juggler who told me that he loved me and wanted to travel the world with me as an “educated bum”- He dumped me in Osaka.) That is when I decided to get educated for real. I went back to school and got my degree. It wasn’t that easy, although I did love being in school then.  I came to Asia, and paid off my student loan debt in 5 years instead of 10.  I am not a weak woman.  I know this.

At least the weather is beautiful for long bike rides and long walks. – Oh and my students are having sports day on Friday.  I will be rooting for everybody.


2 Responses to And life goes on

  1. lydia says:

    I have heard the it is easier to stop or start a habit on mondays, something to do with getting off the weekend. Have you been quiting on mondays, or other days of the week?

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