I’ve been very busy… and so I’ve let my health run down a bit.

May 5th was Children’s day here in Korea, so I met a friend for lunch and watched children play in a fountain.

Today was exquisitely beautiful, and of course I’m sick.  I’ve caught some kind of cold.  Last night I felt tired and worn down, and today I barely got through my classes.  My throat feels scratchy and I feel yucky.

Pray I feel better tomorrow. I’m meeting someone at Dongdaemun and it is lovely out….


One Response to Pathetic

  1. tommylander says:

    Hi, Christine. This is Tommy from the Seoul Writers. Thanks for telling me about your blog; it’s really cool!

    Anyway, I hope you feel better soon, and good luck on your writing!!! I hope to read parts of it soon; I love good “trashy” writing 🙂 –Tommy

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