Bad blogger, no biscut

I want to say I haven’t posted because my life is just a whirlwind of adventure and glamorous doings. But that would be untrue.  I have been busy, just not with activities that are glamorous or adventurous.

I did have a very good week.  I found a kitty cafe.  I can see your eyes glazing through the ethernet; but I’m not talking about a coffee-house with the ubiquitous Hello Kitty paraphernalia.  No. This is a coffee-house with coffee and cats. Lots and lots of cats. Real cats. Furry cats, sleek cats, fat cats, elegant cats. We went during feeding time, so all the cats were in one place, patiently sitting facing the kitchen, so we drank coffee and tried unsuccessfully to  distract the cats with shinny objects ( a ploy that under normal, i.e. non feeding circumstances would work) but they were pretty focused.  I will definitely be back since it is next to my favorite curry house in Hongdae. (the one with the Bollywood movies on the wall)

Then on Saturday I went back to Coex and the aquarium with some friends. One of whom I haven’t seen in  a very long time.   I love the jelly fish, and decided that when I finally become a quadrillionaire  I want an aquarium that takes up my entire wall – 80’s Miami drug lord style.

After the aquarium, we thought about going to the dinosaur museum, but it was getting late, the museum would close before we got there, and we were getting hungry.  So we stopped for dwege galbi.  It is a marinated pork that is cooked over coals right at the table. Very delicious.  My friend didn’t like the kimchi, but that is because she works at my old school and the owner’s wife is a really good cook, and she brings kimchi and other side dishes for the teachers every night ( that is not usual for most hagwons)

Then on Sunday I finished 1/2 of the first chapter of my novel. That is right kids, I’m writing a novel.  Not a Great American Novel, but a trashy action/sci-fi/horror novel. The kind I like to read even if I don’t like to admit it.  I don’t think I’ll be able to work in hot alien-werewolf action, but it should still be fun to write.

The rest of the week was rainy, dark and dreary.  I did some research online, and wrote out a chapter by chapter summary of the Not Great American Novel.   My school still wants me to do an activities workbook, and the deadline is in May, so I have that on my plate too.  I’m still happy about doing it.  I love doing stuff like that. They have also asked me to renew my contract, so it is official I’m staying for one more year.

And May 1st is my new Quit Smoking day. Wish me luck. (again)


One Response to Bad blogger, no biscut

  1. eslteachertimmusgrave says:

    Good luck on May 1st.
    It sounds like your too busy to smoke anyway ;0)

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