things change

Korea is in many ways still a very conservative country. It is changing though. When I first got here, I was in my 30’s and it was considered very strange that I never got married.  It was made very clear too.late. to find my one true love, get married and finally grow up.  I was asked why aren’t you married? You are very cute; a little bit fat but very cute.

Now it is true, I am a little bit fat. Actually I’m a little bit fatter than I was 10 years ago.  But other things have changed as well. Two other teachers in my school are my age and not married. Plus it is obvious that since I’m over 40  It is quite the relief to be honest.  So I was talking to one of my co-teachers, and I forgot what exactly we were talking about, probably clothes, and I said – yes, but I am a little bit fat.  One of the other co-workers said, no, you’re not fat, we like you.  I didn’t know body weight was determined by popularity.  Actually it is kind of sweet, and does lend weight to one of my theories of attractiveness.  The more you like someone, the more attractive they are.  Their objective attractiveness is immaterial.  We look upon those we  like with a softer eye.

In other news, I’m teaching my students to play the game “Clue”.  The students are having a mid terms next week, and I thought it would be fun to have something other than study. Plus students have to ask and answer in English. Bonus. They had a great time, once they figured out the point of the game.  The first class I tried to explain first. That didn’t work that well.  So I put a chalk outline of a body on the board, named it Ms. Teacher, and said it was murder! Murder! – I then introduced all the character cards (and I am the queen of google, and I found photos of the original cards) – then I introduced them to all the weapons and rooms. Then I gave them the worksheet, and we played the game.  I coached them a lot, and by the third round, they were into it.   My students are fun. They had strategies, they tried to fake the other team out, they were serious.   I am quite proud of them.   Clue rocks, and my students rock.

The rest of the week was a bit boring, to be honest. I finally got to go on a walk with a friend I met last summer, but it was a bit sad as she is leaving for the States in one week.  That is probably the most difficult part of living here; people come and go so fast.  However, even when you are just walking around, there is always something interesting to see or do. Case in point: a scooter with a doghouse.


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