I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a week, but I really don’t have much I wanted to say.  Its been very busy the last week.  So I thought I would let you know about some of my random musings.

I like that Seoul has a lot to do, even if you are in the middle of a yellow dust storm.  There is the wonderful cafe cinema, where my kind of co-teacher and I went to see Sita Sings The Blues.  This was an awesome movie.  It is animated, and is the story of Sita, a goddess in one of the epic poems of Indian mythology.  What was very cool about the movie was that instead of the score being traditional Indian music, Sita really did sing the blues,  mostly from the 1930’s and 40’s. The story is interwoven with a modern tale of love and loss, and there are some rather interesting shadow puppets giving narration.  The creators have given it creative commons licence, and encourage people to share the work .  I thought it was clever and funny.

If you want you can see it yourself at


Seoul right now is under Yellow Dust.  Saturday afternoon it got so dark I really did think that I had somehow slept through the day or spaced out the day and woke up in the evening.  Yellow dust comes every year from China, sweeping in the spring with a haze over the city. You can taste it in your mouth when you are walking, and it makes my eyes itchy.  A lot of people feel sick, and I’m feeling lucky because even though I’m out and about in the storm, I haven’t had many problems (except for the previously mentioned itchy eyes)

I am fully convinced my students are major drama queens.  I remember when I would want to get all dramatic and my father would call me Sarah Heartburn, after Sarah Bernhardt.   My students would put me to shame.  They said the enjoyed the proverbs, and quite a few did some really great ones.  So this week we are doing dialogs. I have given them a worksheet with several words blank, and then asked them to  fill in the blanks and write several more passages (depending on their level)– I then gave them character cards – everything from “housewife” to “evil alien”  — I distributed the character cards randomly, and they laughed at the way some characters were paired.   But that isn’t what makes my students budding Sarah Heartburns.  It was the enthusiasm in which they threw themselves into the project.  Pairs of girls were hunched over their worksheets giggling.  When I went to check how they were doing, they would cover the sheet with their hands and say “no teacha– surprising!”  so I let them surprise me.  And they did. Many even reached into their book bags to get random items to create sound effects.  I was surprised because Korean students are notorious for being very shy, but I guess presentation isn’t as scary when they can be an evil alien for it.

I finally got off my butt, learned how to download the submissions, and started going to the writer’s workshop.  The serious regulars are mostly guys, but they were pretty nice, and now I have to finally finish that short story that has been rattling around in my head for a while.  It is good to get back into writing, but scary as well. I find myself second guessing all myself.  I hope this is just a phase.

I am also hard a work writing a test and a book for my classes. I’m actually enjoying writing the book, and it will be nice to have all my worksheets done, and not have to worry about making copies, running out of copies or even worse, throwing copies away.

And my last random thought

I love going out for coffee with my friends here in Seoul. Seoul has embraced coffee culture in a very Korean way.  They have made what is essentially a bitter brew sweetened with milk and sugar and turned it into something very cute.   For evidence I present to you:

a coffee bear


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