Why I love Seoul revisited.

I love living in Seoul. The city is easy to get around in, you can find something to do almost every day, and when you want to get out  of the city it is easy to do.

So today,  I went with a group to go to Heri, an artist village near Paju. It is north of Seoul, but it only took 45 minutes from the meeting place. There was a city bus, so it wasn’t expensive, nor difficult.  The ride reminded me a bit of high school field trips, even though most of the people didn’t know each other.  I found the group online, from meetup.com, and this was the first time I tried one of the field trips.  I had a pretty good time. (at least until it rained.)

To live in Heri, you have to be an artist. And you can’t paint your house, so many of the houses are made of dyed concrete. No two houses look the same, and every other place was a gallery or cafe.  They had a jazz museum, a fabric museum (with a quilt cafe attached) more cafes than I could visit – even a chocolate cafe – and the chocolate there was heaven.– I quite liked the political museum, with campaign posters, buttons, and little toys; I quite liked the President Clinton cork screw.

My favorite was the musical instruments museum. It was interactive. Plus there were instruments from all over the world.  We wandered from cafe to museum, on roads that wandered as we did.  One of the roads was built to follow the way rain ran down the mountain, so it wended and curved around the incline.

It was a real village, with a shopping center that included Ikea furniture, but that is ok, because even artists need to sit. Several in the group wanted to go back just to shop there.   There were lots of little shops, most selling art, jewelery, trinkets, ceramics, and a few selling toys and tourist stuff.  The whole village was too big for just one day.  Even if the sun had shone.

But.. it didn’t shine. It started to rain.  I tried to keep my spirits up, and trudge on, but I admit to being a wuss. I decided to go on home a bit early, but with a promise to myself to return.   It is easy to do.


One Response to Why I love Seoul revisited.

  1. nzaslow says:

    o_o so… we should go!

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