The grindstone

Well, I made it back in one piece.  The plane was diverted to Gimpo Airport due to fog and rain and general bad conditions.  I went from sunshine to sleet. Sigh.

I unpacked, did laundry, and started making plans to meet up with everyone, and wrote my lesson plans for the next month.  I was thinking that I had to turn them in on Tuesday, my first day back.  Well, I don’t have to turn them in until March 9, and that actually might be a good thing, as I think I’m going to have to change some things. I also found out that I could make my own text book for next year (Jan) if I turn it in by December.  I wanted to make one for winter camp, but it was too expensive so this year they asked if I wanted to do so for the regular classes.  I’m pretty happy, although it is a bit of extra work.  I also can assume that they will want me to renew my contract.

I felt a bit down, getting back to the work-a-day schedule and getting up early, and going in to work.  It is that whole post vacation let down.  Plus everything in the teacher’s lounge is confusion. I didn’t know where my new desk was, and when I finally got it, the computer wasn’t formatted.  My I.T. hero was very busy, because all the computers were being re-formatted. ( I couldn’t feel bad about the  chaos, since everyone was going through the same thing)  They had gotten me a new English version, but it isn’t compatible with some of the Korean programs so I had to have the computer re-re-formatted. Sigh. I can’t really complain, because the problem was trying to get something that would work to make me more comfortable. I just felt bad for Mr. I.T. Hero.  In the end he came through. I still say everyone needs an I.T. Hero.

So, confusion, chaos, and clouds.  Not an auspicious start to the new semester.  Yet when I opened the door to my first class, I was greeted by applause and shouts. My students said “Teacher, you look beautiful” and I felt much, much better.  That is why I love my job. No matter what is happening, my students will always find a way to make me smile.

I guess I should give a run down on the awesomeness that is K. L.

This is one of the statues in Little India.  I always love little India, because of the smell of spices and incense that permeate everything and all the colors and sounds.  Bollywood soundtracks competing with horns and shouts and conversations. It is always a dynamic and beautiful place.

Chinatown is also awesome in its own way (and the roast duck is to die for…mmm)- I like red, and China town was awash in the color from the red bobbles and lanterns hanging down, to the fresh red paint on all the doors for the new year.

But what is most wonderful about K.L. is the contrasts.  Here you see a colonial style mosque in the foreground with steel and glass skyscrapers in the background.

And here is the butterfly that beat me up.  Yes that is right. A butterfly, one of the most un-fierce creatures on the planet.  Smacked me right upside my head.


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