Singapore! a very brief post

Wow, Singapore is a great city, and I feel like I didn’t get a  chance to do everything – I met a very nice Portuguese man on my first night and he said one or two days is all you really need, but I disagree. I think you need quite a bit more.

The hotel I stayed at was very nice in a corporate kinda way, but I was a bit disappointed to learn that the hotel I had stayed at years earlier had closed. It was a wonderful hotel.

The first day I walked around the island, from my hotel to Orchard Rd, to Little India and then to Arab Street.  Orchard road was nice, and I liked window shopping at all the stores I could only dream about and all the little cafes where I could drink such lovely things as lychee soda (something not to be missed)– Little India is probably my favorite area of Singapore. I love the way it smells, with all the incense and spices mingling in the air.  I then moved on to Arab street where I could try a hookah and rose juice.  It actually tasted a bit like rose! nice.

The next day I went on a three park tour – the bird park, the zoo and the night zoo.   The bird park was awesome.  Did you know there are vegetarian vultures?  I didn’t until I met one.  The also had a prima donna ostrich that came around as soon as I took out my camera and posed for me.  Then I went to the zoo, where a cheetah posed for another couple, and actually the way they had set up the whole thing made you feel as if you were in a jungle, peeking out at the wild animals.  They had done a very good job, as most of the animals seemed healthy and happy and a bit cheeky.

I have mixed feelings about the zoo, and zoos in general. On one had it seems to like the animals are there for us as humans, not for themselves as creatures in their own right.  On the other hand a good zoo can conserve species that we seem hell-bent on hunting/farming to extinction.   I like zoos so I’m not sure I can be totally impartial in the debate.

The next day I went to Johor.   And I will tell you a brief version of this adventure later.

Meanwhile, adventure awaits.


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