And they’re off….

The students in third year just graduated today.  I haven’t seen much of them, they took the entrance exams a couple of months ago and haven’t been in school since.  All along the road old women were selling flower arrangements.  Now this is Korea, so the flowers were not just beautiful on their own. They had to be improved with sparkle.  Glitter was sprinkled, and sparkley tinsely thingies were added and flopped in the cold wind.  The parents buy the flowers for their daughters, and juniors buy them for their seniors, and the seniors buy them for their teachers.  Photos were taken and tears shed.

I was a little sad to, because the system is changing and I will not be teaching my current first years when they move to second year. I’ll teach two special classes for the ones that ‘major’ in English, but I won’t teach all the classes like I did last year.  I will miss the students who ‘major’ in math or science.

I am excited that in March we will have a new slew of first years: I can train them from the beginning.  And I am being rewarded for taking two extra classes last semester, because this semester I have two fewer classes than my contract states.  Woot.  I’m already planning what I want to teach.

Friday we will go on a camping trip. We being all the school’s teachers.  It is an overnight thing, with hiking on Saturday morning.  I like hiking, but I don’t take it nearly as seriously as the Koreans do.  I don’t even have a color coordinated outfit.  We are supposed to be working on the next year’s plans, but for some reason I doubt much work will get done.  I will mosey on up the mountain, and probably have a much better time than I expect to have.  I just hope it does warm up a bit like they say it will.


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