Christine and the horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day

I think it happens to us all.  I’ve had one coming to me for a while.  Life is basically good, but… Yesterday was horrible.  It started when I spilled my coffee on the floor (the floor I had just washed).   The cement caulking on my toilet crumbled.  My oatmeal exploded in the microwave.  I slipped on the way to work, and although I wasn’t hurt, it wasn’t fun.   I asked my seat mate to call the apartment office  and get a repair man.  She had to go to the hardware store to buy the cement caulk.  (I was a bit put off because I think, I pay a maintenance fee, these things should be covered.)   The maintenance man was two hours late, and I missed my martial arts class.  Of  course that might have been a good thing, since with my luck, I could have really hurt myself.  I had to go to the bathroom outside the building, getting a key from the gate man each time.  It was like all the Friday the 13ths and Mondays of last year rolled out and bit me. It was a very, very bad day.

But bad days do happen, and I try to be philosophical about them.

When I cycled through China there was a period where I was in the mountains.  I couldn’t go around the range, I had to go through it. Those were days that hurt.  I got chased by a duck.  Really I did.  There was no shortcut, no easy way, just slog through.  But there were cool villages and breathtakingly, heartachingly beautiful sights, and random people encouraging me along the way.

I think this year is going to be a lot like that.  Lots of slog and beautiful vistas.  I have a plan to quit smoking and that is not going to be easy, and this is the year I clean out my life. I clean out the clutter both mental and physical.  It will be a long hard slog, with I hope pockets of beauty.


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