On Lazy Days

Saturday was quite busy. Seoul meet-ups had a board game meetup, and I went.  It was a nice group of people and I haven’t played board games in years.  That night I met some friends for dinner, then went home quite early for a Saturday night. However, I was tired, well fed and quite happy so it is all good.

Sunday was a very lazy day.  I left the house twice, and didn’t bother to get out of my jammies until afternoon.  I think we all need days like that, where we don’t really talk to anyone and don’t do anything.  OK, I did a load of laundry, but  I don’t think it counts because all it entails is putting clothes in the machine and turning it on.

I did do some thinking. I’m quite proud of myself right now.  I have a plan to quit smoking on my birthday a few months from now.  I made a plan that included slowly weaning myself from some of the triggers I have.  I started smoking only in one place in my apartment, right by the stove where the vent is.  I have to get up from my computer, or from my comfy reading corner, and go to stand up and smoke.  At first I thought of going outside, but I know that the third time I froze instead of smoking less I would just start smoking inside again.  I want to succeed this time, so I’m doing my best to make as many small success first.  I’ve been very good.

I’m weeding out the things in my life that don’t give me pleasure; the things that don’t add to my life.  I’m weeding out the thoughts that keep me down, the habits that hurt me, and the clutter that seems to overtake me.  This is the year.

I decided that this year I would finally quit.  Wish me luck.


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