Lost in Space: two stories

Actually, lost in Korea. But we’ll leave the title shall we?–

I am fully convinced that desire rules the universe.  C. wanted to eat Mexican food ever since we went to Coex.  T. texted us that “On the Border” was right near Coex.  This would lead one to believe that T actually knew where “On the Border” was. We made plans for Friday night…. I arrived at the subway stop…. I called T.  Me: “Where is it?”  T.: I’m not sure, I’ll be there in a few minutes”  Me: ” OK, I’m outside at the subway stop”.

Fifteen minutes later, in the bitter, bitter cold, I call T. again.  Me: “Where are you?”  T.: “I’m in  a cab, it’s too cold”  Me: “No kidding!, Where the hell is it, I’ll walk there.”  T. “Go straight, it is on the corner”  Me: “Do you cross a street?” T. “I don’t think so.”

Hmmm.  I walk one direction to a corner. There is no “On the Border” I go back, go the other direction, cross one street. Go back. Still no “On the Border”  I am now officially frozen.  I call C.  Me: “Do you know where it is?”  C.: “No, but I’m almost there, meet me at the subway stop”  Me: “OK”

I go back to the subway.  One of the gang does know where it is.  We walk, turn a corner, and it is there … in the middle of the street, not on a corner, and not straight.. you DO have to turn.  And guess who was sitting at the bar?  Yeah. T.   I’m a bit grumpy by now. However two margaritas and I feel much, much better.  I also learned that it is better to go online and find a map than to listen to T. when he says he knows where something is.

It has been bitter, bitter cold here in Seoul. I think I would prefer to cocoon myself in my apartment. This is not to be. I don’t know what my karma is, but this weekend was a busy one with old friends. The problem was that I really felt I couldn’t not go, a few I hadn’t seen in a while.   Plus I really like these people.  So I spent the weekend eating and drinking coffee with some great people. It was enough to make me warm inside, despite the cold outside.

Now on to story number two.  I didn’t really get lost this time. Tuesdays are a “free” Salsa dancing lesson in the Hongdae area. I put the free in quotation marks because you still have to buy a ticket to get in, but you can use the ticket to get a free drink. This is the standard for all the clubs in town, so it wasn’t a big deal. Anyway, since the people I was going with actually did know where we were going, we didn’t get lost. Even though the club wasn’t on a main street and you did have to make a right turn.  However despite not being on a main road the class was pretty crowded, and everyone seemed to have a good time.  I learned I have no rhythm whatsoever.

When I left it was still bitter, bitter cold but the stormtroopers from StarWars were out and about.  They were dancing near the subway station.  They did about 5 dances (maybe more, but my face was freezing despite my enjoyment)  Only in Korea do the stormtroopers from StarWars go out in the middle of winter and perform to “Nobody but you”

and for your enjoyment another picture of hip hop stormtroopers:

Hip Hop Stormtroopers

Hip Hop stormtroopers II


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