These last few days after Christmas have been busy without being particularly productive.

I guess that happens sometimes.  Saturday I hadn’t planned on doing anything at all but a friend called and I met up with her to discuss trials and tribulations. We met at the Krispy Creme–  yes Korea does have a Krispy Creme.  I know.

Korea not only has Krispy Creme, it has Dunkin Donuts, McDonald’s, Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and if you are feeling flush, Outback Steak house, TGI Fridays,  and Tony Roma’s ribs. They have Starbucks coffee, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and a bevy of other corporate coffee shops. At the supermarket I can find spaghetti sauce, potato salad (American style) and cream cheese.  At Costco I can get avocados, frozen vegetables and clam chowder.

I feel a little ambivalent about the cornucopia of Western food.  On the one hand, I can get most of the comfort food I need when I feel lost or lonely or just a bit homesick. Plus– Cream Cheese!!!! Coffee!!!!   on the other hand, I think ..”Why?” Why do we have to commoditfy and corporatize our food. You know that nothing on my list was locally grown- plus Korean food is pretty good.

I think in the end, the mixing and matching of culture is actually a good thing. I understand how happy an immigrant to America must feel to find food from their country. Real food, not the translation of food.  Let’s face it, sometimes the translation is better than the original, but often something essential is lost.  Yet, Fusion is probably  one of my favorite categories of food. The mixing and matching of flavors can make some excellent dishes.

I mourn the watering down of culture with the addition of the world,-   hell you can get a coke in the jungles of Cambodia; yet it is exciting to see the new creations that are inspired by new ideas and new thoughts.  Here, cream cheese is exotic food. I think that overall I’m happy with a smaller world.

So I will be happy drinking California wine with my Norwegian salmon and Korean vegetables.  And after you know I’m going to drink Brazilian coffee.


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