Well, it is almost Christmas

and I am almost happy.  I just spent the last two days in training for the SMOE/EPIK  contract.  I wasn’t nearly as bitter as many of my fellow foreign teachers, but then I am disgustingly optimistic by nature.  I thought the general nature of having workshops to discuss issues with the schools and with teaching is generally a good idea.  However, the timing wasn’t so good. It is the week of the Christmas holiday and with Winter Camp prep in the works, I really would have preferred to be in school working on the worksheets for camp than talking about problems with my school.  Most of the teachers are pretty satisfied, but of course when you put a bunch of people together to discuss problems things can get pretty negative.

My group wasn’t that bad on either day, and I quite liked several of the people I met. They were part of the SMOE training, and I went through a different orientation, so it was good to meet more people. Plus I got to see some of the people I met at the EPIK training and catch up.  I don’t know that I learned anything particularly helpful, but I am not going to complain.

The second day we went to a buffet, and they did serve beer and that seemed to help ease the pain of two days in workshops. After lunch we went and saw a show. JUMP.  It was good, there was kung- fu and dancing, but it wasn’t as good as NANTA and it didn’t have a story, although they did try to have a story. Some random old guy came on and off the stage, but I’m not sure what his role was, and  of course the geeky guy learns the mad skillz and then gets the girl. (this is a recurring theme in most Korean dramas/plays/dance numbers/pop songs/ etc.

After the play I met up with another friend and we went to look at the pretty lights near the river.  We walked and talked about politics, if werewolves were sexier than vampires and music.  I still say that werewolves are sexier than vampires because they are still alive. Dead is not sexy to me. However I haven’t been able to find any empirical proof.  I shall keep looking.

Today was the last day before the vacation, so of course my students were not into school. However they did play the game even though it was in English, and they gave me flowers.  This holiday should be pretty good, despite my natural humbugness of mind.

One more Christmas lights photo:


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