I really need to get out more

But… it is really bitter cold out.

I did go to a friend’s for an early Christmas party- He is going to leave for the holidays. The food and gift exchange quickly devolved into a dance party- My friends can dance pretty good, booze or no booze.  And I did go to Costco.  Do not go to Costco on a Sunday evening. Just don’t.  It isn’t worth it.

They say that Korea has a problem with a low birth rate.  It is not a problem from my standpoint. Every time I get on the subway, the problem of Korea’s low birth rate is not the problem I am thinking of.  I think it is because I am from a mid-sized city in the Midwest.  There are not that many people out on the streets, in the malls and in the stores.  Some days it is exciting, all the hustle and bustle.  Some days exciting is not the adjective I would choose.

Maybe it is the holidays- I am very ambivalent about the holidays.  One one hand I feel all ba humbug and on the other hand I still get weepy when watching the airport scene in “Love Actually”.  I know, I know…. it is a bit embarrassing to admit to.

I think also the crowds bother me somewhat because most of the time I don’t think about my foreign-ness much. But during the holidays I feel very foreign. I can’t explain, Korea does put up some Christmas displays, and they kind of do the Christmas music thing, but it isn’t even remotely on the scale that they do it in the States.  Ah well, at least I am spared the sappy Christmas specials and “Little Drummer Boy”.  There is a bright side to everything.


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