Thank God It’s Friday: Yet I am a little sad.

It’s Friday.  My apartment is officially freezing, despite having the heat on.  It will warm up eventually, but it doesn’t encourage going out on the town.  That is ok, this weekend is going to be fairly busy- what with a party and shopping.

I am not sad because I’m in a cold apartment.  I’m sad because this was the last day that I will teach my second year students.  These are the students who help me find great music when I’ve heard it once or twice out and about.  These are the students who come up with some of the most creative and evocative language-  These are the students that draw pictures of me; pictures where I look kind of like an apple with glasses, but still the thought is sweet.  These are the students who laugh at my corny jokes and who make me laugh with their corny jokes.

That is the nature of teaching- You hope you taught them something, and you let them go.  Every year.  Every year I learn to love my students in all their imperfect glory, and every year I wish them well as they go on to the next stage in their lives.

I will see my second year students in the halls- they are only going to third year, but I won’t see them often and I won’t be teaching them anymore.  It is sad and hopeful all at once.


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